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A Question That Changed My Life

By Kim

At a Crossroad, God Asked Me a Question that Changed My Life

Many times life throws situations at you and you go to decide which crossroad to take. It was one such instance when I was asking the Holy Spirit for guidance, and in reply, I heard Him ask me a question:

“Kim, what’s at stake?”

And I knew I had the answer to the question.

“What’s at stake?”

This one question has been a game changer in my life always helping me take the right decisions that would please the heart of the Father.

Recently my husband and I were praying with a group of youngsters who had gathered in our house. As we were in prayer, I sensed in my spirit our entire room crowding up with people. It was as if so many people were there at that place that it was becoming hard to accommodate. It was then that the Holy Spirit told me that every person that was actually present in the room was representative of an entire generation behind him. And that’s what God was showing me in the spirit.

Wow, that was mind blowing, and yet how many times do we live life without the sense of what we are called for and how others are going to be impacted by what we do. We forget what’s at stake. We forget the fact that God staked His only Son’s life for our sake.

When you’re faced with a decision:

So next time you are tempted or you find yourself at a point of decision, ask yourself: What’s at stake?

Guard your heart against the Esau Syndrome – trading something that is of eternal worth in order to satisfy a short-term appetite. (Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for a mere meal).

Life will provide you with choices.
There will be choices that will feed your flesh and then there will be choices that will help you impact an eternity. Sadly we often make the wrong choice because we look at the smaller picture, but there’s something bigger at stake.

So choose wisely:

  • Instead of spending hours aimlessly in the artificial world of social media, choose to spend time with Jesus.
  • Instead of choosing to throw junk and chemicals in your body, choose to be a good steward of your body.
  • Instead of choosing pornography, choose a healthy marriage.
  • Instead of choosing worldly friends, choose your God destiny.
  • Instead of choosing temporary pleasures, choose to set your face like a flint towards your calling.Remember what’s at stake!

The above post first appeared on blog.god.tv

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