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They don’t sell bruised reeds

(By Kim)  Have you ever seen a reed? It is basically a thin strip of cane or similar material (see picture) placed in the mouthpiece of various wind instruments like clarinets and saxophones. When a musician blows wind into the mouthpiece, the reed inside vibrates and produces sound. Reeds come in different sizes, thickness and make depending on the instrument within which  [ Read More ]


Will I stand?

(By Kim)  “You will all fall away…But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you…” (Mark 14:27-28, Bible) As a Christian, the journey of life is anything but easy. I have come across so many believing men and women of God who have endured trials and hardships in a manner that my words fall short. And then, there  [ Read More ]


The Concerned Father

 (By Kim) A father-daughter duo along with a bicycle, daily I noticed them—she was learning to pedal and he was assisting her. On the first day, the little girl seemed pretty nervous as she sat on the bike. With shuddering hands she turned to confirm whether her father was there. His brawny hands were holding the bike from behind and  [ Read More ]

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