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God is my driver

I see a number of two-wheelers moving across the highway. It reminds me that my life is a two-wheeler and God is its driver (rider). I have handed over the breaks, clutch and accelerator to Him. And since everything is under His control, I choose to ride pillion. He has to take care of the traffic and the speed. At  [ Read More ]


Home Sweet Home

(By Kim) There’s no place like H-O-M-E. Isn’t it? Whether it’s a mere daylong withdrawal or days altogether; at the end of it, the only place that you want to be is your home! At times I wonder, what is it about our homes that make us longing to be back to it? Is it the sense of rest that  [ Read More ]


You are my brother, you are my sister

(By Kim) Here are the lyrics of one of my favorite Gospel songs, “You’re my brother, you’re my sister” : (see video at the bottom) Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand Why we pull away from each other so easily, Even though we’re all walking the same road Yet we build dividing walls between Our brothers and ourselves. But I,  [ Read More ]


If i could just touch…(Video)

For she said, If I may just touch the hem of his garment, I shall be made whole… Mark 5:28 Listen to this touching and inspirational song by Nicole Mullen and let faith arise in you to reach out to Jesus for your need: ONE TOUCH SUBSCRIBE HERE to receive the new posts from Olivedose directly in your inbox!!


They don’t sell bruised reeds

(By Kim)  Have you ever seen a reed? It is basically a thin strip of cane or similar material (see picture) placed in the mouthpiece of various wind instruments like clarinets and saxophones. When a musician blows wind into the mouthpiece, the reed inside vibrates and produces sound. Reeds come in different sizes, thickness and make depending on the instrument within which  [ Read More ]


Will I stand?

(By Kim)  “You will all fall away…But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you…” (Mark 14:27-28, Bible) As a Christian, the journey of life is anything but easy. I have come across so many believing men and women of God who have endured trials and hardships in a manner that my words fall short. And then, there  [ Read More ]

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