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A question that holds my life

(By Kim) One day I remember I was down and heavy with the thought that I had let God down. “I have fallen, I have fallen,” I mumbled under my breath. That’s when I saw a father playing with his little baby, throwing him in the air and catching him back. And the Holy Spirit whispered this question to me,  [ Read More ]


3 simple ways to stir up your gifts

(By Kim) Every child of God is ordained with unique gifts given by the Holy Spirit for common good and primarily to benefit the body of Christ. (1 Corinthians 12: 7-11). May be you are gifted to exhort, teach, lead worship, serve or intercede – whatever it is, once you know your area of gifting or calling it’s important that  [ Read More ]


Victory in God (Quote)

“VICTORY is a place in GOD. Some visit…but others stay.” SUBSCRIBE HERE to receive the new posts from Olivedose directly in your inbox!!


Saved from Terror Attack

(By Kim) Four years ago on 26 Nov 2008 terrorists attacked various hotspots of Mumbai, India including Cama Hospital. In this post we feature the testimony of Thomas Uledar –How Jesus saved him and hundreds of others in the hospital on that day. Thomas is a believer based out of Mumbai and is actively involved in children’s ministry. Read this  [ Read More ]


The Widow’s Speaking Coins

(By Kim) Hello! We are the two tiny copper coins mentioned in the gospel of Mark 12: 41-44. And guess what, we can speak! And, we are here to tell you our story—how we were not worth more than a fraction of cents in the eyes of the world, until one day a GIVER raised our worth in the eyes  [ Read More ]


Only Believe (Quote)

 God wants us so badly that He has made the condition as simple as He possibly could- ‘ONLY BELIEVE’ Smith Wigglesworth SUBSCRIBE HERE to receive the new posts from Olivedose directly in your inbox!!

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