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Kimyals’ response on getting their 1st Bibles

(By Derrick) Have a look at this touching video clipping courtesy of World Team It captures the reactions of the Kimyal tribe of West Papua, Indonesia, as they receive a shipment of New Testaments—translated into their own language for the first time. The video is self-explanatory.   A Contrast Few years ago, George Barna, founder of The Barna Group, a  [ Read More ]


Who put the torn dollar in the offering bag?

(By Kim) I remember hearing this true incident that happened in a church in the US. Let me share it with you. One Sunday after the church got over, the treasurers gathered together to count the offering money.  As they were doing so, to their shock they found two halves of a fifty dollar note in the offering bag. Without  [ Read More ]


The word ‘YET’ in God’s dictionary

(By Kim)   The Bible overflows with a number of beautiful promises of God. These promises act as an anchor of hope in our times of test. I feel one of the most frequently quoted and confessed promise is: Your mercy is new every morning, your compassion never fails. Am sure, this scripture has been marked or underlined in your  [ Read More ]


Henderson on his cancer (Quote)

“Lord, thank you for the cancer, because when you get cancer you can differentiate the trivial from the important so much [quicker], your mortality is right there in front of you. I still don’t know if I have three months, six months, 10 years, whatever it is. I’m probably such an idiot I would never experience this clarity without getting  [ Read More ]


What the old man in the alley taught me

(By Kim) Instant age. That’s precisely what we are living in. We are quick to set our goals; and in an instant do we want to achieve them. And  then once you reach your point of success, there’s a desire to dream more and attain more. Often during these times of running around life teaches lessons that make us stop  [ Read More ]


10 lessons from stuntman Nik Wallenda

(By Kim) Until June 15, Nik Wallenda was an unknown name to many, not anymore. Nik, an American high wire artist became the first person to walk on a two-inch tightrope through the mist over the dangerous Niagara Falls Gorge, 150 feet above the falls, a feat never before attempted. About a dozen other tightrope artists have crossed the Niagara Gorge  [ Read More ]

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