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Are you Lazy? 8 ways to overcome (II)

(By Kim) In the PART I of this topic, we dealt with ways in which we could identify a lazy person. In this concluding part, we look at eight ways in which laziness can be overcome. 1.  Acknowledge that you are lazy It first begins with acknowledging that you are lazy (which many of us would never like to do!).  [ Read More ]


Are you Lazy? How to identify & overcome (I)

(By Kim) Let’s start straight–A lazy Christian is a disgrace to the family of God. Not many realize, not many talk about it, but laziness is a tool that the devil can use to destroy families, relationships, churches and ministries. God has ordained work for man and hence laziness does not come from God. Think of mighty men of God  [ Read More ]


Three keys to a God-pleasing worship

(By Kim) In the Old Testament times, Israelites were voluntarily asked to present grain offerings in the temple to show honour and respect to God in worship. Leviticus 2 teaches us about the specific instructions God gave to His people explaining what needs to be done while presenting this offering.  Three noticeable instructions were: The offering must consist of choice  [ Read More ]


Lean on Jesus

(By Kim) Proverbs 3:5  encourages us to lean not to our own understanding, rather trust God and choose to lean on Him. Do you know what happens when you choose to lean on Jesus? This is what He says to you: “My Son/Daughter, now that you are leaning on Me, be assured you will NOT fall, or be crushed or destroyed  [ Read More ]


7 Keys for fruitful witnessing

(By Kim) What is Witnessing? ‘Witnessing’ plainly put is to introduce Jesus to others who do not yet know Him. Who is Called to Witness? Are you among those who believe witnessing is something you are gifted at or you are not? Or maybe you think that’s the calling reserved for your church pastor or leadership team…Read my entire post  [ Read More ]


The missing ingredient in today’s church

(By Derrick) Have you ever wondered why the church as a whole, more often than not, seems so powerless when it comes to doing the mighty works of God? 1 John 4:17 says that …In this world we are like Him (which means that we are supposed to be like Jesus). We have heard ‘how to heal the sick’ tapes,  [ Read More ]

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