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Saved from Terror Attack

(By Kim) Four years ago on 26 Nov 2008 terrorists attacked various hotspots of Mumbai, India including Cama Hospital. In this post we feature the testimony of Thomas Uledar –How Jesus saved him and hundreds of others in the hospital on that day. Thomas is a believer based out of Mumbai and is actively involved in children’s ministry. Read this  [ Read More ]


The Widow’s Speaking Coins

(By Kim) Hello! We are the two tiny copper coins mentioned in the gospel of Mark 12: 41-44. And guess what, we can speak! And, we are here to tell you our story—how we were not worth more than a fraction of cents in the eyes of the world, until one day a GIVER raised our worth in the eyes  [ Read More ]


Only Believe (Quote)

 God wants us so badly that He has made the condition as simple as He possibly could- ‘ONLY BELIEVE’ Smith Wigglesworth SUBSCRIBE HERE to receive the new posts from Olivedose directly in your inbox!!


Paper Experiment

(By Kim) Lets do a simple paper experiment. Step 1: Take a large sheet of paper and try to tear it into two parts. The parts should be equal to each other. Result: The paper gets divided, but in an uneven manner. Step 2: Get a fresh sheet. This time fold the sheet right in the middle by applying little  [ Read More ]


Letter from an unnamed armourbearer

(By Kim) Friends, I write to you out of a pressing need! But before I begin, let me introduce myself. I am an armourbearer from the Old Testament times. As an armourbearer, my responsibility was to carry the weapons of the master during the battle so that his hands would be free of any additional burden while tackling the enemy…….READ  [ Read More ]


Unanswered Prayers (Free Facebook Cover)

(By Kim) Here is a cover image for your Facebook timeline!!   We often thank God for our answered prayers. Today, why not take time off and thank God for all your unanswered prayers?

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