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What my 40 Days of Sabbatical Taught Me

This is a guest post written by Vinod Salve. Vinod is an anointed evangelist and our son in the Lord, whose passion and hunger for God’s Kingdom is contagious. Recently God gave me an opportunity to spend a period of 40 days alone at a place that I have never been to, cut off from my family, friends and colleagues.  [ Read More ]


5 Keys To Trigger Godly Dreams

By Kim D’Souza Dreams can be a powerful channel for God to convey His heart to His children. We read in the Bible about the many times God used dreams to speak to his people, prophets and even gentile kings. Can you imagine, one-third of our lives is spent sleeping, how much more should we ask and expect God to  [ Read More ]


Why Am I Not Getting Promoted? ( New Video)

So, did it happen again? Thought you deserved that promotion, but got passed over? Bitter and angry at God? Asking Him: Why am I not getting promoted? Have a look at the VIDEO, where we highlight three points from Daniel’s life that caused him to be promoted among all his counterparts. May be you will find answers to all your questions before this  [ Read More ]


A Question That Changed My Life

By Kim At a Crossroad, God Asked Me a Question that Changed My Life Many times life throws situations at you and you go to decide which crossroad to take. It was one such instance when I was asking the Holy Spirit for guidance, and in reply, I heard Him ask me a question: “Kim, what’s at stake?” And I  [ Read More ]


Is God a Dream-Killer? (VIDEO)

(By Kim) Is there a dream or vision that God has planted in your heart? Does it seem that it will not come to pass? Are the circumstances or the people in your life carrying the dream away from you? Is God a dream killer? Watch this:


Why You May Be Missing Out on Your Promotion (Part 3)

(By Derrick) This is the 3rd and concluding part of this series. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here: The Bible describes Daniel as a man with an excellent spirit. When you read this you may get to think “Wow, God placed an excellent spirit in him that’s why he was excellent”, correct? Wrong! He and his  [ Read More ]

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