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The Key to Receive God’s Favour

[stextbox id=”or”] This post is by a dear friend Joel Pawar from Navi Mumbai. Joel gave his life to Jesus when he was 15 and has since then been committed to preach and teach the truth of the Gospel, with a vision to reveal the real Jesus from His Word. A lot to learn from this man of God who  [ Read More ]


Want to Write a Book? 5 Suggestions for You

(By Kim) After my first book was released, I was excited to come across so many of my friends harboring the desire of writing a book themselves!  So in this post, I thought of sharing a few lessons I learnt from my book writing experience. I pray that these points will speak to you. 1. Writing a book is a  [ Read More ]


Announcing the Release of My First Book!

(By Kim) I have an exciting news to share with the subscribers and readers of our blog. By GOD’S GRACE, my first book is out! It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy was released on October 26, by my mother Geeta and my mother-in-law Olive on the occasion of my son Jeremiah’s first birthday. About the book: The nine months  [ Read More ]


My One Year Old’s Scary Habit

(Kim) Jeremiah, our little one turns one today! Oh, what a joyful journey parenthood has been for us, and we can’t really thank God enough for this blessing in our lives. Every day Jeremiah comes up with new things that really amuse us and bring laughter in the house. But there is one habit of his that really scares our  [ Read More ]


A Lesson Learnt From My Son’s Fever

(By Derrick) I remember the day my 8 month old son Jeremiah broke down with a fever and flu after receiving his prescribed  inoculation. It broke my heart to see him struggling with the fever as it kept mounting with every passing hour. Everyone kept telling me how this was part of the routine side effects one should expect whenever  [ Read More ]


Just Because the Road is Dark… (Quote)

“Just because the road up ahead is dark doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path. It may simply mean until you show up, there won’t be light.”

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