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8 Tests of a Man Who is Intimate With God

By Kim A couple of days ago in my time of meditation, I was led to write these below 8 lines: The more you know, the more you hunger The more you know, the more you are humble The more you know, the more you share The more you know, the more you steward The more you know, the more  [ Read More ]


Fighting Over Lollipop Sticks?

By Kim Recently we were returning home from a family trip by road. Sitting on the back seat of our car was our 5 year old son, our 3 year niece, along with a couple of adult family members. The lush green scenery on the way was mesmerizing, and the intermittent rain only added to the overall beauty. However we  [ Read More ]


Three Wrong Reasons To Get Married

By Kim Hello singles! Harboring a desire to get married anytime soon? Now, that’s a good desire (Proverbs 18:22), but as you read this, I encourage you to dig deep in your hearts and answer this: Why do you want to get married? If your purpose of getting married is not aligned with the Word of God, it may cause heart  [ Read More ]


Ping! You Have a Message From An Armourbearer

By Kim D’Souza Do you know who an armourbearer is? The Bible in the Old Testament mentions “armourbearers” a few times. These were trustworthy men personally handpicked by kings to walk closely behind them during a battle-fight, carrying their armour and protecting them. So, why are we talking about them now? Do we need armourbearers in the present times? Here  [ Read More ]


What my 40 Days of Sabbatical Taught Me

This is a guest post written by Vinod Salve. Vinod is an anointed evangelist and our son in the Lord, whose passion and hunger for God’s Kingdom is contagious. Recently God gave me an opportunity to spend a period of 40 days alone at a place that I have never been to, cut off from my family, friends and colleagues.  [ Read More ]


5 Keys To Trigger Godly Dreams

By Kim D’Souza Dreams can be a powerful channel for God to convey His heart to His children. We read in the Bible about the many times God used dreams to speak to his people, prophets and even gentile kings. Can you imagine, one-third of our lives is spent sleeping, how much more should we ask and expect God to  [ Read More ]

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