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The Kind of Church We Shouldn’t Be!

(By Kim) In the gospel of Luke, chapter 1, Gabriel, the angel of the Lord appeared to two people – Zechariah and Mary, but both their responses were exactly the opposite. Through Zechariah and Mary, I am going to draw a parallel and share with you in two parts on our blog, what a church (we) shouldn’t be and what  [ Read More ]


Forget Leadership, Unless You Know This

(By Derrick) One of the core purposes of our ministry is to raise up young leaders who are after the heart of God. In this post, I want to throw light on 5 areas that prospective leaders need to work upon: 1. Are you looking after the sheep? “There is still the youngest. He is tending the sheep,” Jesse answered  [ Read More ]


Coming Back to the Love for the Word

(By Kim) Recently I was praying with a couple of women and I was so drawn by their love and passion for the Word of God. As believers they were suffering terrible persecution from their family members for their faith. But the hunger for the Word was so evident in their lives as they were sharing with me about what  [ Read More ]


A Short Letter to Young Leaders

Dear Young Leader, We love the passion that you have for Jesus. At your age, when others are busy sowing into their flesh, we admire your desire to seek Him above everything else. The more you allow His grace to work in your life, the more you will realise that age is not a limitation for God to use you  [ Read More ]


Why Paul was PAUL – Read these 5 Lines

(By Kim) I have been meditating on Paul’s letter to the church at Galatia and I tremendously enjoyed reading the apostle’s stand for the Gospel. God used Paul powerfully in ministry, and studying his life from the statements he made in Chapter 1 of Galatians alone tells me obvious reasons why Paul was PAUL – the most important figure of the  [ Read More ]


What I learned While Baking Bread…

The following was shared by our friend Shyni Varghese on a Whataspp group and we thought it would be nice to share it on our blog to bless our readers!    Of late I am trying my hand at baking bread. And you don’t have to be an expert to know the importance of yeast in baking! Yeast is the driving force  [ Read More ]

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