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How Did the Bee Swarm Disappear?

(By Kim) Recently Derrick brought to my attention a huge bee swarm (see as in the picture below) on the branch of a tree that stood right outside our window. It was a pretty shocking sight since it had never been there previously and we were wondering how it appeared all of a sudden! And there was something even more  [ Read More ]


The Miracle Baby – An Amazing Testimony!

With God, all things are possible! Matthew 19:26. In this post we want to feature an amazing testimony of faith and healing from our friend Damian Fernandes. Based out of Mumbai, Damian is a worshipper at heart. He is self employed and stays with his wife Vijaya, a homemaker, and a teacher of the Word, and they are blessed with three beautiful  [ Read More ]


The Untapped, Explosive Power of Tongues! (Video)

(By Derrick) This video post is for believers who pray in tongues, but it seems like they are not getting much out of it. The book of 1 Corinthians 14 speaks about the purpose of praying in tongues – edify yourself, speak to God and download mysteries from heaven. Tongues connect your spirit with God’s spirit directly. It stores up energy,  [ Read More ]


Grace is Precious. Let’s Not Waste It!

(By Kim) I remember seeing this vision in my prayer time once. I saw myself standing in an open land and soon water started pouring heavily upon me. And God spoke to me saying, “Do you see that? That’s nothing but my grace that is being poured out upon you.” The water was falling heavily and non stop, so much  [ Read More ]


Do You Want Chocolate Or Dada?

(By Derrick) Children, in their innocent and simple ways often leave deep imprints on our hearts with what they say and do. Our two and a half year old son Jeremiah is a ball of joy and can make you forget your most horrible day once you are in his company. We, as parents really love him and we can’t  [ Read More ]


The Man Walking Behind Jesus…

(By Kim) In our previous post, we spoke about how men and women who are after God’s heart have this common characteristic ~ they are in an untiring pursuit of Him. But is this untiring pursuit possible? In in this regard, let me share with you a vision that I saw long back that encourages me everytime I remember it.  [ Read More ]

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