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5 Ways You Can Pursue Excellence

(By Kim) I believe there are two ways of doing something: One, simply do it and second, do it with excellence. As children of God, we ought to be showcasing the spirit of excellence in whatever we do (2 Corinthians 8:7).  As Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, Whatever your hand finds to, do it with all your might. Excellence doesn’t mean that you  [ Read More ]


Announcing Our Podcast – Hello Singles!

(By Derrick & Kim) We are thrilled to announce that we now have a Podcast! It’s called HELLO SINGLES! This will be a short weekly podcast featuring answers to frequently asked questions from singles on topics like discovering God’s will for your life partner, preparing for marriage, financial planning, dating and friendships, etc. Of course, the basis of what we  [ Read More ]


Believer Or A Victorious Believer?

(By Kim) Are you a believer? If yes, then as a believer, do you think you are living a victorious and conquering life in Christ just as God has promised in His Word? Well, you can be a born again believer and still be struggling or merely surviving in your day to day life. And I am not talking about not  [ Read More ]


Prayer Life Versus Gym (Guest Post)

This week we have a guest post by our friend Wilson Christopher from Malaysia. Wilson works as a manager for a company in Penang. He also serves as the Malaysia coordinator for Revive Nations. Let me begin with an honest confession: I love to eat! However with less physical exercise, I struggle in controlling my weight. I tried hard to get  [ Read More ]


Why Isn’t My Prophesy Coming To Pass?

(By Kim) So there you are, excited about a specific prophetic word you received over your life. You test it, and your heart confirms that it is from the Lord. And then months and years pass and nothing happens. Is there anything wrong? Why isn’t my prophesy coming to pass? Here are 5 things you need to do: 1. Partner  [ Read More ]


The #1 ‘Living Holiday’ Spot – Check Out!

(By Derrick) Imagine it’s holiday season, and you were given an option to go for a fully paid holiday to any place on earth you desired with unrestricted access – Which place would you choose? The Bible talks about a place to which you and I have unlimited access to. Therefore brothers since we have confidence to enter the Most  [ Read More ]

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