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Media Nuts & Bolts for your Ministry by Kim D’Souza

First Edition: December 2014

This book is for:  Church Pastors and leaders | Creative Christians| Youngsters who want to get into Media ministry | Aspriring Videographers and Video Editors | Aspiring authors, bloggers and writers | Social media enthusiasts

Media Nuts & Bolts for your ministry


About the book: Media (Branding, TV, Radio, Internet, Print etc) can help your ministry to reach the unreached in a faster, louder and a better way. Media has the power to influence and it’s time we get intentional in the way we use it- not to show how cool our ministry is, but to show how cool our God is.  I am sure your church/ ministry has been using media in some form or the other. But this book will challenge you to raise the bar.

This one stop shop guide covers handy information like:

1. How to design a ministry/church logo
2. How to make impactful websites
3. How to get in Television ministry
4. How to train volunteers towards media excellence
5. How to write a book
6. How to make use of Internet streaming
7. How to start a blog
8. How to use social media
9. How to broadcast your sermon online
10. How to write a script for videos/ movies
11. How to shoot a video
12. How to edit a video
13. How to build a mobile app
14. How to use Whatsapp and Group SMS for ministry
15. How to get into podcasting
16. How to stir up your creativity

Contributors: Ashvin Dhyriam (Managing Director, Goodnews Channel Pvt. Ltd.), Curtis Nichols (Senior Editor, PCS Production Co., TX), Priti Choudhry (National Director, CBN, India), Bryan Bailey (Director, Media & Production, First baptist Church, TX), John  Carley (President, Trinet Internet Solutions, CA).

Cover Design: The cover of the book has been designed by Delhi- based Alfred Allan advertising. It creatively showcases a watch dial hinting the reader of the changing times and the need to adapt with the change.

Available on: Amazon

Published by: Olive Mediacom



What Experts are saying:

Phil_Cooke This is fantastic Kim!

Very proud of you! Brilliant idea to get the experts to contribute in this book.

~ Phil Cooke, Founder & CEO, Cooke Pictures



IMG_1690This is book is a must read for every Christian wanting to make an impact through his life for God’s Kingdom. It is an excellent initiative to emphasise the value of media as a communication tool to share the Gospel effectively. It captures the diversity in the media world by ensuring a comprehensive approach to cover all the relevant media tools available , which the reader can use as per his interests, goals and ministry requirements . Kim has shown the skill of a seasoned author by balancing the technicality of the subject , with the need for maintaining the centrality of the Lord Jesus in all that we do. We see great synergy between this book and the Mission that Indian Christian Media Association has, to enhance media awareness and skills, for the extension of God’s Kingdom.

Sanjiv Edward, President, Indian Christian Media Association


bryan1Wow! I am impressed! This is a fantastic tool to put in the hands of people wanting to start or better a media ministry. Great Job!

~ Bryan Bailey, Director of Media and Production, First Baptist Dallas, Texas.


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