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Why You May Be Missing Out on Your Promotion (Part 3)

(By Derrick)

This is the 3rd and concluding part of this series. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here:

The Bible describes Daniel as a man with an excellent spirit. When you read this you may get to think “Wow, God placed an excellent spirit in him that’s why he was excellent”, correct?


He and his friends were chosen because they had developed some exceptional qualities before they went into captivity, such as good character, responsible, trustworthy, faithful, etc.

Daniel purposed in his heart

The Bible gives us a key to why he carried an excellent spirit. It says Daniel “purposed in his heart” not to defile his God (Daniel 1:8) and to not let his current condition, his change of boss, his new location, his missing family, his captivity or anything else change or affect his commitment to obey his God. He did not depend on his talents or abilities but walked in accountability unto God (that’s called the fear of God or the reverence of God).

How do we know that? Daniel 6:10-13 says,

Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed giving thanks to God, even when a verdict was pronounced that everyone was to worship only the pagan King or face death by lions. (Daniel 6:10)
Even when he interpreted dreams and visions of the King, he took no credit for his gift of interpreting dreams and rejected money offered by kings. (Daniel 2:28, 30 and 5:17)
All this he did at the risk of his life and obeyed his God rather than man.

All can be summarised in one sentence, he was faithful in what was given or assigned to him for he had purposed in his heart to do so. He was not a ‘perfectionist’ (as the people of the world like to boast in) but he trusted and committed all his ways to the Lord and the Lord perfected him.

Think about all the compromises we make in our work, our assignments, our attendance at college, our breaks at work, assignments or responsibilities given to us at church..

And we justify ourselves by saying – everybody does it!

That was not the case in Daniel’s life, people searched for something to pull him down with, but could find nothing and then gave up.

We serve a God of excellence, who has given an excellent spirit. When you do not work for your human bosses, church pastors, parents, etc. but submit and work unto God, excellence will follow rather than excuses. And that’s what will cause you to be picked up when every one is left back.

Final word:

The Lord spoke to me and told me, this world does not belong to doers, but Thinkers (people who listen to Gods voice and move by His Spirit) + Doers (People who act out their faith). Because if everything has to be told to you, then you can never be of value in bringing solutions to problems, but will often find yourself in problems.


Doers: If we have been given a task at level 1, even after one year the same level 1 task will be done with zero changes.

Thinkers and Doers: If a level 1 task has been assigned within a month or two the task reaches level 3 in excellence. Then we can say that we have truly taken responsibility and accountability of the task.

That is why the children of God do not excel in life. That is why we take so long to move into the things of God (promotion, prosperity, abundance), that is why we are depressed. Because we work for man, we do not allow God’s Spirit to train us develop our skills, and lastly, we do not purpose in our hearts that we are going to obey God no matter what the cost.

May we all open our eyes and prepare the way of the Lord!

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