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Why You May Be Missing Your Promotion (Part 1)

(By Derrick)

How many of us work a job or run a business? Do you know that it’s God’s will for you to be promoted? God delights in the prosperity of this children (Psalm 35:27, John 15:8)

As fathers we love to see our children prosper and be shining lights in this dark world. The good news is, God is no different! He has blessed, raised and prospered his children even in the midst of their enemies (Psalm 23:5). So, if God wants us to prosper, bear fruit and be promoted, why is it that many of us actually do not get to a place of promotion? That’s what we are going to deal with here:

In a three-series post on our blog, I am going to be sharing from the book of Daniel specifically.

So, why are you missing out on your promotion? Here’s point no 1:

Who do you really serve or work for?

Let’s see what situation was Daniel in:

– Daniel was found in a time when God specifically handed the king of Israel over to king Nebuchadnezzar who was one of the most ruthless (Daniel 1:2)
– Many of Daniel’s friends, family, would have been killed in front of him, but he and his 3 friends were chosen because they had a ‘skill’ (Daniel 1:4)
– Their Hebrew names reflecting the God of Israel were changed, their clothes were changed, their food was being changed.(Daniel 1:7).
– They were taken to a foreign country, in a foreign pagan land to be trained according to the customs of this land.(Daniel 1:5)

The Lord gave over the king of Judah to a ruthless king, named Nebuchadnezzar. Did God know his children (loved of God) were also being handed over?

Did God let down Daniel and his friends who served him day and night?

What do you think was their reaction to this calamity that overtook them?

Do you find yourself in a similar situation at work, working for a boss who has no fear of God, people cheating their way up, you are outnumbered, meeting your targets but no promotion, get blamed for anything and feel forgotten or let down by God?

It does not matter how hostile or grim your situation is, what matters is do you know who is with you and in you? Just as Daniel and his three friends continued serving, loving and ministering to their God faithfully in a foreign land under a pagan King, the real King(dom) they served began to manifest (Luke 17:21). They knew that even if their country, clothes, food or names were changed their hearts belonged to God and their identity was “Immanuel” God with us. I in Him and He in me!

And it is the realisation of this identity and who they really served, that kept these children humble and relentlessly focussed on doing every work unto their God despite of being placed as slaves in a foreign pagan land. Like it did for Daniel and his three friends, your reward comes from your Heavenly Father whom you serve and not man.

Are you blaming God for your failures, your past mistakes, upbringing, lack of education or social status?

Are you engrossed in promoting self?

Are you trying to think, act and behave like the world to get a promotion or are you sincerely trying to please God, walk in his principles and trust in His timing for promotion?

Stay tuned for the part 2 and 3 of this post!

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