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Archive for the ‘FAMILY’ Category

Are You a Good Steward of Your Desires?

(By Kim) This is post no 3 in our series ‘Seeking the Heart of God For Your Finances’. The purpose of this series is not to figure out how we can grow rich, but more importantly it’s about understanding and seeking the heart of God, which effortlessly leads us into places of prosperity and wealth.  If you have any questions  [ Read More ]


Why Isn’t My Prophesy Coming To Pass?

(By Kim) So there you are, excited about a specific prophetic word you received over your life. You test it, and your heart confirms that it is from the Lord. And then months and years pass and nothing happens. Is there anything wrong? Why isn’t my prophesy coming to pass? Here are 5 things you need to do: 1. Partner  [ Read More ]


Do You Want Chocolate Or Dada?

(By Derrick) Children, in their innocent and simple ways often leave deep imprints on our hearts with what they say and do. Our two and a half year old son Jeremiah is a ball of joy and can make you forget your most horrible day once you are in his company. We, as parents really love him and we can’t  [ Read More ]


Listen to the Other Side of the Story

(By Kim) Have you seen an iceberg? What we are able to see is only the tip of it. But there’s much more to it under the water which cannot be seen with our natural eyes. Similarly I believe every life story has two sides. And just because we are able to see only one side, we often forget the  [ Read More ]


Riding on Someone Else’s Faith? Watchout!

(By Kim) The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God. Obviously this faith has to be yours! Piggybacking on someone else’s faith to live your life is a shaky ground. A classic example of this was Abraham’s nephew Lot. Like Lot, you know you are surviving on someone else’s faith when: 1. Your direction in life  [ Read More ]


Is Your Child Ready For Water Baptism?

We present to you the third and concluding  part in the Water Baptism series on our blog ( Click to read Part I and Part II ). This is a guest post by Nadine Sumithra, a dear friend, who has a powerful calling on her life to minister to children. In this post she addresses the commonly asked question: Is your  [ Read More ]

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