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Archive for the ‘PARENTING’ Category

Struggling with Menstrual Pain & Disorders? Break Free Now!

( By Kim Dsouza) I remember visiting my native place when I was in my pre-teen years. During this time, my mother and I went to visit a house nearby and as we were about to leave, I heard someone screaming in pain. This was not an ‘ordinary scream’ but almost as if someone was in intense labour pain. I  [ Read More ]


Do You Want Chocolate Or Dada?

(By Derrick) Children, in their innocent and simple ways often leave deep imprints on our hearts with what they say and do. Our two and a half year old son Jeremiah is a ball of joy and can make you forget your most horrible day once you are in his company. We, as parents really love him and we can’t  [ Read More ]


Is Your Child Ready For Water Baptism?

We present to you the third and concluding  part in the Water Baptism series on our blog ( Click to read Part I and Part II ). This is a guest post by Nadine Sumithra, a dear friend, who has a powerful calling on her life to minister to children. In this post she addresses the commonly asked question: Is your  [ Read More ]


Fighting Depression – How My Friend Did It

(By Kim) I love visiting the house of this friend of mine for one reason. Everywhere you see you will find paper cuttings and scribbled notes of Scriptures from the Word of God stuck on her house walls. And not even the washroom is spared! The Scriptures also remind me of her powerful testimony. After her husband’s sudden death, her  [ Read More ]


Parents, Don’t Make These Seven Mistakes!

 (By Kim) I was disheartened with the recent news of Matthew Warren, the youngest son of Rick Warren, leader of one of the US’ largest evangelical churches and author of bestselling book “The Purpose Driven Life” committing suicide. I am not here to judge someone else, but it is indeed sad to see children of men of God succumbing to  [ Read More ]


Ten things we want our son to know

An open letter to our dear son Jeremiah (By Derrick & Kim) Dear Jeremiah, It seems just yesterday that we were picturing you in our minds. Time indeed flies. You are already three months now and much more adorable than we could ever imagine. You are so little, yet so full of life! We enjoy the way you snuggle in  [ Read More ]

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