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Archive for the ‘MARRIAGE’ Category

5 Things You Should Know About This Pic

(By Kim) Recently I clicked this snap of my kids. Here are 5 things I was reminded of as a mother when I was looking at this pic. 1. Children are a blessing from the Lord Do not conform to the patterns of the world when they tell you that children are a burdensome responsibility. I see this trend nowadays:  [ Read More ]


6 Keys to Break the Temptation Trap (II)

This post is the continuation and the conclusion of our previous post on temptation. See Help!I am Getting Tempted to read the first part. 3. Guard your senses The Bible says: Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life and the easiest way to guard your heart is by guarding your senses. Your senses gateways to  [ Read More ]


Free 9 Day Pregnancy Devotional on YouVersion + A Beautiful Testimony!

(By Kim) Here’s some good news!  Youversion, the world’s most popular Bible App, now has a 9 Day Bible Reading plan based on my book, “It’s Your Turn For A Beautiful Pregnancy”. It is the only reading plan on pregnancy currently available on the App. Since the plan was launched on April 8, and as I upload this post, Youversion  [ Read More ]


Announcing Our Podcast – Hello Singles!

(By Derrick & Kim) We are thrilled to announce that we now have a Podcast! It’s called HELLO SINGLES! This will be a short weekly podcast featuring answers to frequently asked questions from singles on topics like discovering God’s will for your life partner, preparing for marriage, financial planning, dating and friendships, etc. Of course, the basis of what we  [ Read More ]


Anger in Marriage: When Demons Party!

(By Kim & Derrick) Last week Derrick and I had an argument. While my husband, I feel, is the right candidate to win the ‘Most Patient Man’ tag, it doesn’t take much time for my temper to flare up. In the end, a trivial issue just got the better of us and got blown out of proportion. At the end  [ Read More ]


Parenting Lessons From a Pastor’s Wife

(By Kim) Recently I happened to talk to Pratibha Kinkar, who co-pastors New life Fellowship, Nerul (Navi Mumbai) alongside her husband Pastor Daniel Kinkar. Our discussion revolved around pregnancy and parenting, and in this post, I thought of sharing excerpts from our conversation, which am sure will edify young couples who are looking forward to childbirth and parenting. A mother  [ Read More ]

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