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Rise Up Creative Church!

(By Kim) Our Daddy God is the master Creator! Can you beat this? The Bible first introduces God’s character as a ‘creative’ before anything else. In the first six days of this planet God created the heavens, the earth, light, evening, morning, sky, land, sea, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, animals, and man. All of this was thoroughly original, as the  [ Read More ]


Before You Trash Your Idea, Read This!

(By Kim) Is there a vision or an idea that keeps coming back to you time and again? Does it seem absurd? Does it seem impossible? Hold on! Before you trash it, what if that idea is from God? No child of God is lacking in ‘Ideas Department’ God is the ultimate source of ideas. Every fiber of His being  [ Read More ]


Why I Carry My Bible to Church in Print, Not Pixels!

(By Kim) We are a part of a generation that is digital savvy. All our resources, utilities nowadays come in digital packages. Even physical Bibles have now found way to Bible apps and softwares. Although I am a great fan of using technology that makes life convenient, here are FIVE reasons why I still prefer taking my physical Bible to  [ Read More ]


Free Giveaway: Kairos – A 40 Day Devotional!

(By Derrick & Kim) A very happy new year to you! We perceive in our spirit for 2016 to be a year of new births – both physically and spiritually. Well, God has always been speaking and birthing things, whether it is 2016 or any other year. His mercies are new every morning. But it’s we who fail to pay  [ Read More ]


Announcing Our Podcast – Hello Singles!

(By Derrick & Kim) We are thrilled to announce that we now have a Podcast! It’s called HELLO SINGLES! This will be a short weekly podcast featuring answers to frequently asked questions from singles on topics like discovering God’s will for your life partner, preparing for marriage, financial planning, dating and friendships, etc. Of course, the basis of what we  [ Read More ]


The Man Walking Behind Jesus…

(By Kim) In our previous post, we spoke about how men and women who are after God’s heart have this common characteristic ~ they are in an untiring pursuit of Him. But is this untiring pursuit possible? In in this regard, let me share with you a vision that I saw long back that encourages me everytime I remember it.  [ Read More ]

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