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Archive for the ‘GUEST POST’ Category

Patience. Here’s Why You Can’t Neglect It.

We are a part of the fast-forward and quick-fix generation that screams, “I don’t have patience. I want it now.” But patience is one fruit of the Spirit that can make or break God’s call upon your life. Patience can be defined as the ability to endure or stay the course. It’s not just waiting, but how you act as  [ Read More ]


My Testimony of Supernatural Pregnancy & Child Birth!

Hello readers, don’t miss reading this beautiful testimony of supernatural pregnancy and childbirth as shared our dear friend Sasha Singh from Bengaluru. Let this encourage you to believe what the Word of God says: With Him all things are possible!  My journey of beautiful pregnancy began in October 2015. At this time I had only heard of supernatural pregnancies and  [ Read More ]


5 Lessons from Paul in the Shipwreck!

Acts 27 is a rollercoaster narration of Paul’s ship journey to Rome, where he was to be tried under Caesar. As a prisoner for the sake of gospel, Paul was handed over to Julius, the Centurion and together with other prisoners, they began sailing. Here are 5 lessons we can learn from Paul and the shipwreck: 1. Men, I can  [ Read More ]


Prayer Life Versus Gym (Guest Post)

This week we have a guest post by our friend Wilson Christopher from Malaysia. Wilson works as a manager for a company in Penang. He also serves as the Malaysia coordinator for Revive Nations. Let me begin with an honest confession: I love to eat! However with less physical exercise, I struggle in controlling my weight. I tried hard to get  [ Read More ]


The Miracle Baby – An Amazing Testimony!

With God, all things are possible! Matthew 19:26. In this post we want to feature an amazing testimony of faith and healing from our friend Damian Fernandes. Based out of Mumbai, Damian is a worshipper at heart. He is self employed and stays with his wife Vijaya, a homemaker, and a teacher of the Word, and they are blessed with three beautiful  [ Read More ]


5 Musts of A Christian Leader’s Walk

The following blogpost is an excerpt from a talk given by our friend Richmond Philipnery from Canada at the recently concluded leadership meet in Mumbai organised by Revive Nations. Richmond is the treasurer at Revive Nations and also works in his secular job as an accounting lecturer in college and university in Canada. We believe the below principles will bless  [ Read More ]

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