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Archive for the ‘CHRISTIAN WALK’ Category

5 Practical Tips on Leading Worship

(By Derrick) Continuing on the topic of worship that we touched upon in our last blog post, here are some learnings to have effective times of worship that minister to God and his people which the Holy Spirit has taught me over the years: 1. Worshippers are not singers! Singing songs is NOT Worship! Songs have to lead us to  [ Read More ]


An Open Letter to Worship Teams

We praise God for you and deeply cherish the gift that God has graciously placed in your life. As you know, worship can throw open doorways into a person’s life for God’s Spirit to do His work. This is why what God has placed in your hand is so powerful. And this is why you got to steward it with  [ Read More ]


Struggling? Come Walk With Me, Says Jesus

(By Kim) Struggling with addictions? Weaknesses? Fighting wrong thoughts? Doing something that you know is wrong but you can’t seem to win over it? I hear Jesus singing over you, “Come, walk with me.” That’s all you and I got to do. Don’t try to be good or perfect in order to reach Him. Instead go to Jesus just the  [ Read More ]


Do Something

Welcome to 2018! We are as excited as you are to step into this year, as we keep our eyes fixed on the author and finisher of our faith. As a church we have walked into this year with two words from the Holy Spirit: Do Something (James 2:26). Because enough have we gained knowledge. Because enough have been hearing  [ Read More ]


Beware, This Way the Devil Can Steal Your Destiny

(By Kim) It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit speaks to us in our day to day life. Recently we celebrated our son Jeremiah’s birthday and among the many gifts that he received was an inflatable boxing toy. This comes filled with a heavy base of sand, that enables it to stand on its own once air is blown into it  [ Read More ]


Are You a ‘Potted Christian’? Check These 5 Signs

(By Kim) Throughout the Bible we often see the word “planted” being used in the scriptures. The verb ‘planted’ simply means: to put or set in the ground for growth. Here is what Psalms 92:13-14, NKJV says, “those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit  [ Read More ]

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