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It’s Your Turn For A Beautiful Pregnancy!  by Kim D’Souza

First Edition: October 2013

This book is for:  Those Contemplating Marriage | Married Couples | Pregnant Women |Those Going Through Barrenness

preg_bookAbout the book:  The nine months of pregnancy more often than not conjure images of fear, anxiety, pain and suffering. But this is far from what God intended it to be. In ‘It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy’, Kim has interwoven the truth of God’s Word with her pregnancy, unveiling a new dimension of the miracle in the womb.

The purpose of writing this book is to offer hope and healing, not through ‘happy talk’ philosophies, but through the solid footing of the living Word of God. As you read this book, your faith will be strengthened and you will understand God’s perspective of pregnancy outlined in His Word, rather than hearsay.

This book will answer 10 most crucial questions:

  1. What is God seeking from our marriage?
  2. Are we prepared for pregnancy?
  3. How to have a beautiful pregnancy?
  4. How to win the mind-warfare?
  5. How to take authority over emotions?
  6. How to deal with common pregnancy issues?
  7. How to manage finances with the birth of a child?
  8. How to use the power of words and visions?
  9. Are children a burden?
  10. Can barrenness be overcome?

Available on: Amazon (ebook) | OM India , Evangelical Literature Service (hardcopy, select stores), Word of Christ Borivali, Mumbai (Royal Towers, IC Colony, Borivali West). For more information email us at: olivemediacom@gmail.com

Published by: Olive Mediacom

For Reviews &  Sample Chapter : Check www.beautifulpregnancy.net

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