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An Open Letter to Worship Teams

We praise God for you and deeply cherish the gift that God has graciously placed in your life. As you know, worship can throw open doorways into a person’s life for God’s Spirit to do His work. This is why what God has placed in your hand is so powerful. And this is why you got to steward it with much care.

Firstly, You are doing a fantastic job in your respective churches!!!

Each one of you CAN TAKE worship, but we pray that the Holy Spirit will bring you to a point where you no longer take worship but the worship TAKES OVER you.

This will happen when your worship is not a slot in the church but a progression of what you do from Monday to Saturday.

It’s not about taking a song, but being God’s mouthpiece. So don’t depend on a skill, an instrument or a song – as you may have realised that will surely fail. That touchy song that makes the church cry may end, that instrument you are playing may give up, your script may go haywire – but only and only the Holy Spirit can take our weaknesses and manifest His strength. So depend on the Holy Spirit – not so that you ‘perform’ well on stage, but more importantly allow Him to lead you in your off-stage life, because worship is more than a song.

Here is a song I love by Jimmy Needham that I believe will speak to you  : Clear the Stage 

Second, write your own love songs to Jesus!

A handwritten card is always more precious to the receiver than readymade ones. How about writing your own love songs to Jesus? It may be just two lines, but let it overflow from your fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, majority of the songs we hear today tickle the hearer’s emotions for a few minutes but their hearts remain unchanged. We have had enough songs that bring tears to the eyes of people; we need songs that will bring the lost sons to the father.

Singing songs to beg, plead or ask mercy from God is so unbiblical. These songs will come and go.

We don’t need songs that are influenced by the culture, we need songs that influence the culture. We want songs that will not just break records, but that will break hardened hearts.

May your songs carry the Father’s heart. And that’s how they will carry revival and people will be set free. You may be gone, but your songs will linger from generation to generation. Again such songs are not what you sit and compose, but overflow out of your love time with Jesus.

Thirdly, remember your audience

And no, it’s not the number of people standing in front of you. Your audience is only one – Jesus. That’s why you don’t have to perform.
That’s why you don’t have to care about how undignified your worship is for others. After all, it was never meant for them.

Don’t get people conscious, get God conscious and go all out of the way to please Him.

Laugh if you have to, cry if you have to, dance if you have to. Just get lost in loving Jesus. And you will see what you do will be contagious.

So go ahead, fall in love with Jesus all over again, and again… and may worship take over you like never before…




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