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Struggling with Menstrual Pain & Disorders? Break Free Now!

( By Kim Dsouza) I remember visiting my native place when I was in my pre-teen years. During this time, my mother and I went to visit a house nearby and as we were about to leave, I heard someone screaming in pain. This was not an ‘ordinary scream’ but almost as if someone was in intense labour pain. I  [ Read More ]


5 Practical Tips on Leading Worship

(By Derrick) Continuing on the topic of worship that we touched upon in our last blog post, here are some learnings to have effective times of worship that minister to God and his people which the Holy Spirit has taught me over the years: 1. Worshippers are not singers! Singing songs is NOT Worship! Songs have to lead us to  [ Read More ]


An Open Letter to Worship Teams

We praise God for you and deeply cherish the gift that God has graciously placed in your life. As you know, worship can throw open doorways into a person’s life for God’s Spirit to do His work. This is why what God has placed in your hand is so powerful. And this is why you got to steward it with  [ Read More ]


Three Ways the Enemy Attacks a Leader’s Calling

(By Kim) Nehemiah is one of my favourite leaders in the Bible and it’s amazing every time I meditate on the book of Nehemiah, there are so many things to learn! Through this post, I want to encourage all those who are in leadership and draw your attention to three prominent ways in which the devil attacks a leader’s calling.  [ Read More ]


Struggling? Come Walk With Me, Says Jesus

(By Kim) Struggling with addictions? Weaknesses? Fighting wrong thoughts? Doing something that you know is wrong but you can’t seem to win over it? I hear Jesus singing over you, “Come, walk with me.” That’s all you and I got to do. Don’t try to be good or perfect in order to reach Him. Instead go to Jesus just the  [ Read More ]


Rise Up Creative Church!

(By Kim) Our Daddy God is the master Creator! Can you beat this? The Bible first introduces God’s character as a ‘creative’ before anything else. In the first six days of this planet God created the heavens, the earth, light, evening, morning, sky, land, sea, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, animals, and man. All of this was thoroughly original, as the  [ Read More ]

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